The Law of Attraction first became the new buzz after the release of the book and movie  The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. But the power of LOA (Law of Attraction) or more simply “Like attracts Like” is nothing new nor is it anything old.  It is a Universal Law that in its Infinite and Divine Mandate is expressed in all aspects of Life.

In the very basic definition of Quantum Physics we understand that everything is Energy and vibrates at its own designated frequency.  For example the chair you are sitting on is composed of molecules  which are composed of atoms which are composed of electrons and protons and smaller and smaller particles all vibrating together at a frequency which creates that chair.  Similarly everything in our physical world vibrates at its own signature frequency to outpicture that which you see.  Even US!  Our bodies going down to the cellular level and further inward to the most miniscule particle all vibrate at a certain frequency.  Skin vibrates at a frequency different from bone and different from the liver for instance.  Now this becomes interesting when we see that healthy cells vibrate at a higher frequency than those that are damaged or diseased.

This becomes even more interesting when that AHA! Moment reveals to us that our THOUGHTS and FEELINGS also vibrate at  Designated Frequencies.  Consequently the Lower Vibrational Frequencies of Fear, Hate, Guilt, Jealousy, Anger are attracting the same lower vibrations into existence while the thoughts and feelings of Love, Peace, Joy  in their expression of Higher Vibrational Frequencies attract to us those experiences and expressions of like higher vibration.

The Beauty of this is we do most absolutely have the power to create our outcomes!

Drinking Structured Water and practising Structured Breathing are two of the most powerful and easiest vehicles to getting us there.

Since Structuring water returns water to its original and divine state cleared of all negative memory patterns it now has the capacity to be imprinted with our own personal intent. How cool is that! When you pour structured water into a glass (make it a beautiful crystal glass that you love) place your intent in that water.  Become centred. Visualize that which you desire.  Feel yourself already having what you want/need.  Now I mean REALLY FEEL you already have it.  And drink!  What you have done is you have imprinted the water with the vibrational frequency of your intent and as it reaches every cell of your body you are imprinting your body with that same frequency. Do not question.  Just accept it as done.

When you are showering with your Structured Water coming from either your Portable Shower Unit or your House Unit remember that in a 10 minute shower your body is absorbing 7 cups of water.  So make it work for you!  Allowing the water to shower down the top of your head focus on your crown chakra and connect with your Vision, your highest vibrational thought and enjoy the sensations of your shower bringing you into balance.

Or…fill your bath tub with Structured Water and as the water is flowing in and before you step into the tub fill it with your intent and immerse yourself in your power to transform.

Similarly with Structured Breathing  you are taking in the purest air possible using your Portable Unit and the breathing tube.

First become centred.  Set your intent.  For example Peace, Love, Harmony, Abundance,Vibrant Health.


Now placing the tube in your unit at the narrow end breathe IN through your mouth – the biggest breath you have ever breathed and out through both nostrils.

Then placing your index and middle fingers over your Right nostril breathe IN through the Left nostril.

Now fingers over the Left nostril  breathe OUT through your Right nostril.

Breathe IN through Right Nostril with fingers still over the Left.

Switch fingers to the Right Nostril and breathe Out through the Left Nostril.

Now breathe IN through the Left Nostril with Right nostril shut. Pinch Both Nostrils shut.  Breathe OUT through your Mouth.

Breathe IN through the Right Nostril with the Left Nostril shut.  Pinch Both Nostrils shut.

Breathe OUT through your Mouth.

Repeat the entire exercise 2 more times all the while holding your intent.

Enjoy the feeling of Balance and Aliveness as it now courses through every cell, every tissue, every system and every though process of your being.


Stay in the Flow of Infinite Possibility!