When we realize that we are not a bodies with  souls but  souls with a bodies our perspective changes.

One more time– breathe it – “ I am a soul with a body”.

Notice the shift in perspective.  This means I can change the way I look, I can change the way I feel, I can change where I live, I can change my job, I can change my relationships, I can change my mind, I can even change my belief system BUT I cannot change the pure essence of who I am.

And that pure essence of the “I am” is a drop from the Source of All That Is.  Within me and you and every other man, woman and child lies the connection to pure Source Energy.

That is a huge responsibility…and honor.

But how many of us dishonor that responsibility with negative patterns whether it be our negative thoughts, our negative actions, our negative beliefs.

We are living in a pivotal time.  Our planet is in a mess. If you are listening to the call you know in your heart of hearts in your very purest essence that the time for change, the time for action, the time for the biggest paradigm shift ever is our responsibility.

And it starts with the individual.  With me.  With you.  And with everyone else who has agreed to anchor in this Shift. This is why we have been given the Gift of Structuring our Breath and our Water.

Structuring is all about purity.  Structuring is all about wiping the slate clean.  Structuring is all about imprinting intent.

Make it your daily practice of Structuring your beautiful body one cell at time, of Structuring your breath one value at a time and notice the clarity and sense of purpose you feel by listening to your soul’s connection to Source Energy.

Stay in the Flow of Infinite Possibility